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Whats to come in the new year?


Last year has been a very successful one. I made a lot of recordings (Check the soundcloud page), played many shows, and made many friends in the process. I think some of the highlights include playing at BAM Cafe with Jhevere, Recording session with Ray-Ban, Collaborating with the velveteen ensemble, and working with Salant Sound. Thank you to Jhevere, Wayne Cohen, Leo freire, Marcel Krasner, Blake Farber, Sena Park, and so many others for making 2016 on of the best years for me. I think it will be hard to top, but who doesn't love a good challenge? For 2017 I plan on earning my B.A. in performance, Shooting two music video, and getting some recordings mastered. Ill also be attending NAMM 2017 in CA! I CANT WAIT TO SPEND ALL ME MONEY AND TAKE A MILLION PHOTOS and dump them all here on the Blog. Shout out to Dre Energy for being the best! Hes one of the nices dudes I've ever met, and he puts on a great drum clinic. I highly recommend checking him out! Im just gushing now. Till next time!


This is (not) a plug..


I made a review of a really sweet guitar humidifier on my youtube page. Click Here to view it!

 Last week I started my final semester at Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music. Its bittersweet. There's a lot to enjoy about going to a place with a lot of like minded people who are enthusiastic, hard working, and devoted to something as much as you are. You'll sacrifice time and energy, but the people you meet along your journey will make up for it. Even if my degree has my name printed in Comic Sans It doesn't matter because I met some really fantastic people. One of the many great people I've met at BC was a pianist/composer named Mavis Pan.  She's an incredible performer and teacher. Her album "Not Alone" puts a twist on classic hymns through improvisation and 21st century harmonies. Every track sounds like an unforgettable journey. You are introduced to a new world and then transported through ideas and emotions of Mavis' playing. All the moments in the music are something to savor and relish in. Every cadence feels like a good bye to something you hold near and dear. A closing of one door and opening of another.



Da Update


I cant believe how quickly March went. To believe I almost forgot about updating my blog! Thankfully I found a little time In my schedule to write a quick little somethin-somethin. This month was mostly a tribute to Abbey Lincoln. I performed along side the wonderful Kosi (Website Here). We put on a great show with some fantastic musicians, and Im very grateful to all the wonderful people that came out.